How to Make Full Use of CNA Practice Test

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is a good career option for the individuals interested to make it big in the healthcare industry. Every year, a huge number of candidates in the certification test for nursing assistant conducted in various states. As the competition is very high, it is a good idea to participate in test training sessions and have CNA practice tests that can help one to have an idea of the actual certification test required to be cleared.

CNA examinations are meant to appraise the competency level of the candidates looking to work in any certified nursing establishments. Here are some CNA quiz tests:

CNA Practice Test 1

CNA Practice Test 2

CNA Practice Test 3

CNA Practice Test 4

Constant practice of the mock tests can help one to get familiar with the style and pattern of the exam. Fortunately, there are many offline as well as online institutes that are authorized to provide CNA practice test to the interested individuals. Here are few tips to help you make best out of these practice tests, so that you are fully prepared to take part in the actual State administered test and achieve good ranks and results.

Buying from thee Right Source

There are many online resource where you can purchase CNA practice tests. However, you should take care of the following points before paying money to purchase these practice tests.

  • First of all, you must demand for some sample questions and solutions from the website offering CNA practice tests. The website should provide these sample questions free of cost, so that you can have an idea of what you are going to purchase. Once you are provided with the sample questions, go through them and make sure that they are related to the latest syllabus for the main test.
  • You should ask the website, whether the practice test paper will be delivered in the form of a CD or you will be allowed to download it from the website. In case, you are going to download the practice test paper, make sure that the website is a safe place to get registered with.
  • Some of the websites can also allow you to appear in the online practice tests. For this, you might be required to get registered with the website. Again, make sure that you register with a reliable website, so that no harm is caused to your private information.

Written Test and Clinical Test

The CNA practice tests can help you to have an idea of two important parts of the state licensed test for Certified Nursing Assistant. First is the written test and second is the clinical test. Make sure that the website from which you are getting the practice test papers provide questions and procedures related to both the parts.

It is a good idea to appear in the practice tests again and again, s it will actually help you to improve and get prepared for the real exam. Evaluate the marks scored by you in every test and find out the mistakes that lowered the overall score. This should help you to prepare well the parts you are lacking in.

You can purchase CNA practice tests from more than one websites, just to have an idea of the most common questions included in the different practice test papers. As obvious, such questions or those related to them have more chances of appearing in the actual test. Some of the common practice test papers for CNA can be:

  • Biology knowledge test papers
  • Patient care test papers
  • Record keeping and patient monitoring test papers
  • Laboratory testing paper

Interacting with Others

While practicing using CNA practice tests, one can simultaneously interact with the instructors of the training institutes to discuss different problem appearing in the tests. If you are already involved in the training sessions with a CNA institute, they can offer live chat support to the students to help them with queries. So, you can take advantage of this facility to find answers about the problems arising while solving the practice test papers.

Another good idea is to join CNA forums and discussion boards, where one can interact with other candidates of the certification exam. These places are visited by the experienced candidates, who have already appeared in the test before. You can find their experiences valuable in solving the test papers and learning other good skills. You can also find those candidates, who are going to appear in the test for the first time like you. You can exchange information with these candidates about different practice test papers available and the best among them.

Practice can definitely improve one’s ability to perform well in the state licensed CNA test. So, make sure that you utilize these great tools to help prepare for an excellent career option.

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  1. christy bowers says:

    i would like to take the test on line to get my cna.

    • admin says:

      Hi Christy. Unfortunately, you will have to take the test at a state certified test location. It’s standard procedure.

  2. sara says:

    like the cna practice test 1,2 & 3, but need more questions to practice more

  3. admin says:

    By the way, you can find official info on CNAs here: