CNA training

Certified Nursing Assistants or CNAs are vital for the functioning of the daily operations in a hospital. CNA certification stands as a proof of the expert training and experience a person has in the field of nursing. Being an entry point for a glorious career in nursing, certified nursing assistant training or CNA training has become a popular training program. Medical institutes and hospitals are constantly on the look out for trained and certified nursing assistants and this makes the certificate course a lucrative and satisfying option.

CNA training:

CNA training is aimed at increasing the knowledge, experience and awareness of the nursing assistants about their field. This training program is offered at competent rates and for free by a number of organizations.

The basic qualification required to obtain the CNA training is a high school diploma or GED. The course has a minimum number of learning hours for clinical and classroom portions and full attendance can help you finish the certificate program within six to twelve weeks.

CNA program has two phases, the educational or classroom portions and the clinical experience. The class room portions in the program help you to polish your knowledge and develop it. This part is inclusive of fundamentals of Nursing, healthcare topics and medical terminology. The candidates must finish their on-job tenure for getting their hard earned certificate from the state. Clinical portions help you get hands-on training amongst the patients in a nursing home or long term facility.

After the clinical experience, the candidate has to submit the course completion certificate along with the application to take the CNA test. The test has two parts namely the written and clinical. You have to bring somebody to act like a ‘patient’ for demonstrating clinical skills during the clinical part of the exam. The trainees must pass and score well in the written and practical examination that is conducted by the state to receive the CNA certification.

The benefits of CNA training are that the nurses become

  • Flexible and accurate while following instructions
  • More caring and considerate towards patients
  • Aware of the need to maintain sanitary conditions and cleanliness in their work environment
  • Experienced
  • Aware of their responsibility completely of serving patients compassionately.

CNA certification can also increase the career prospects for nurses and increase their salaries manifold.

CNA training in hospitals and armed services:

You can register for CNA sessions that are organized by vocational organizations or hospitals. Most of the CNA courses are conducted free of cost in the hospitals to make their staff better equipped to pace up with the industry’s growing demands.

The pertinence of CNA training in the field of medicine has grown immensely that even the armed forces have begun to provide a wide variety of certified nursing assistant sessions and programs.

CNA training for nursing students:

If you are a student pursuing nursing career, you must do your own research on the hospitals that offer these courses. Many hospitals are offering free CNA training courses for nursing students on a contractual basis. After the CNA program, you will be asked to work in their organization for a stipulated period. You can work according to your convenience and choice. The experience of working in the hospital environment after the program can be profitable for a nursing student.

Free CNA training:

You can gain a better edge over others in your field of nursing by enrolling yourself in a CNA program. With more organizations, nursing homes and hospitals offering free certified nursing assistant program, your task of finding one becomes easier. Locate the facilities and hospitals that provide authentic CNA course in your respective state. Contacting the State Board of Nursing will help you obtain the list of training programs that are approved.

An organization that offers free training will expect you to be employed in their facility for a particular period of time. After certification you will be inducted in their organization. Many nursing homes and hospitals offer the course only after signing the dotted lines of a contract. The period of employment can be your opportunity to practice your clinical learning.

CNA training online:

CNA classes are conducted online to provide training in a cost effective and convenient manner. Online CNA training is hassle free but it has its own set of disadvantages like

  • Lack of interaction with professionals, trainers and students
  • Inability to work in a hospital environment for real time training
  • Lack of clinical exposure and practice with procedures, patients and equipments

You can give your career the necessary impetus with a CNA certificate for a better future.

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