What Are the General Trends in CNA Average Salaries?

CNA or Certified Nursing Assistants are among the workers in the healthcare industry, with a growing demand in different setups of the medical facilities. Though, the importance of these workers has been overlooked for many years, their recognition is expected to touch a new high in the next 5 years. As a result, the average salaries of nursing assistants are also going to experience an impressive transition.

The main role of a nursing assistant is to help the nurses in routine tasks of patient care. Most of the hospitals and other medical facilities prefer to employ the certified nursing assistants, who obtain the certificate through participation in the CNA licensed test, conducted by different states. So, if you wish to make a career as a nursing assistant and earn standard industry salaries, it is recommended to obtain certification for the same.

The following discussion talks about the existing trends of average salaries offered to the certified nursing assistants.

Range of Salaries

Depending upon various factors, the average salaries for certified nursing assistants vary between $19,925 and $29,764 annually. To go in details, the average salary of the nursing assistants with certificate can be calculated in different ways, depending upon various factors. Here are some of the factors that can help decide the certified nursing assistant average salaries.

Years of Experience: One of the most important factors that decide the average hourly salary of a certified nursing assistant is the number of years he or she has been working on this profile. As obvious, the person with an experience of 10 years will have more salary than the one with only a year’s experience.

State, Province and City: Different states have different regulations to decide the average salary of certified nursing assistants. Even the provinces and cities within a state can have different salary provisions for these workers. So, make sure that you learn and compare the salary trends in different regions to make a better choice of the place to work.

Type of Employer: Certified nursing assistants can work at hospitals, dental clinics, nursing homes, mental health facilities, private homes and many other places. Hence, the salary of these workers can also vary according to the employer they work for.

School or University: Before appearing in the certification test for nursing assistants, a candidate is required to undergo the training course from any of the college or university offering it. The salary can be affected, though not significantly, by the reputation of the institute from where the training was completed.

Hospital Setting: Another deciding factor for the salary of certified nursing assistants can be the setting of the hospital and number of beds in the hospital and so on.

Gender: Finally, it is the gender of the certified nursing assistant that can count towards the decision for offering a particular range of salaries to them. Different states and employers can differ on this factor.

Title of Job

The work profile of a certified nursing assistant can be called by various titles. Also, the duties and responsibilities of these workers can also differ according to the job title. Below you can find the average annual salaries of the certified nursing assistants in 2009 under different job titles:

  • CNA Home Health Aide workers are given the average salary of $21,000.
  • Caregivers form another category of these workers, with an average salary of $18,000.
  • Nursing assistants working with medical surgeons are offered higher average pay of $33,000.
  • Patient care attendants are given the average salaries of $21,000.
  • CNA homecare assistants are also offered a higher average salary of $37,000.

Thus, you can set your skills according to the job title, which you find is more suitable in terms of salary as well as convenience.

How to Increase Salary?

The best way to achieve an increment in the salary as a certified nursing assistant is to gain experience and exposure with efficient working and constant learning. Also, it is important to work with good employers, who have good reputation in the industry. Moreover, you can also choose the right and reputed college to pursue the nursing assistant training before appearing in the certification exam.

An experienced certified nursing assistant can expect to obtain up to $15 per hour as his or her salary. On the other hand, an entry-level certified nursing assistant works with salaries ranging from $9 to $10 per hour. So, like any other work profile, the job profile of a certified nursing assistant can also grow in the terms of salary with the passage of time.

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